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SHORT FILM BREAKS is the only film festival taking place in private companies, for an audience formed exclusively by employees, in a bid to offer smart break opportunities while promoting the independent movie industry around the world.

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About Short Film Breaks

Short Film Breaks is the only film festival taking place in private companies.

We started in 2013, with screenings over a three months period for the 1000 Ipsos employees in Bucharest and Brasov. Our first edition also had special events and Q&A with guests from the Romanian filmmaking industry like Tudor Giurgiu, Adrian Sitaru or Tom Wilson, among others.

On our second edition we partnered with NexT IFF, the most important short film festival in Romania. Again, we had weekly screenings for three months and special events with guest like Florin Piersic Jr., Vivi Dragan Vasile, Ioana Flora, Dana Bunescu and Gabi Suciu.

During our third edition we continued our partnership with NexT IFF and added a new one with Alter-Native, the most important Hungarian language film festival in Romania. That meant that again, for three months in a row, our employees watched short films during their breaks.

In 2016, we moved to the next level and added a competitive component to the festival, besides our non-competitive partnerships with Next IFF and Alter-Native, while starting a new collaboration, with Onion Films from Kathmandu. From the 1985 films submitted, we selected 7 for the Best Romanian Short Film category and 26 films for the Best International Short Film category.

In 2017 we added an online festival, i-Say Short Film Breaks, to our live screenings. The i-Say website and the i-Say Facebook page were the only places where the i-Say panel members watched the SFB films, online. We also opened our doors to a new range of films and filmmakers. From the total number of 2403 films received across all platforms, we accepted 118.


About Short Film Breaks

Awards and Prizes

Short Film Breaks Awards and Prizes

Total prizes of $1000

For our 6th edition, we are waiting your submissions of short films, which will compete in the following categories:

Best International Short Film - $101

One of the two main categories, we're accepting short films, of any genre, under 30 minutes, from all around the world, except Romania.

Best Romanian Short Film - $101

Main category. Short films of any genre, under 30 minutes, produced in Romania or all around the world but having Romanian as the single (or main) dialogue language.

Best Feature Film - $202

Feature films, of any genre and length, from all around the world.

Best i-Say Short Film Breaks (online) - $101

Short films of any genre, under 10 minutes, from all around the world. We will be uploading them ONLINE, on the i-Say Facebook page, to an audience of 2 MILLION members and 230k Facebook followers.

Best Animation Film - $55

Animation films, under 20 minutes, from all around the world.

Best Documentary Film - $55

Documentary films, under 20 minutes, from all around the world.

Best Experimental Film - $55

Experimental films, under 20 minutes, from all around the world.

Best Music Video - $55

We're accepting music videos, under 20 minutes, from all around the world.

Best Festival Circuit Debut - $55

Short films, of any genre, under 20 minutes, from all around the world, that have not yet participated in any film festivals.

Best Series Episode - $55

We're accepting TV and Web series episodes, under 30 minutes, from all around the world.

Best Human Rights Short Film (minority, LGBT, woman filmmaker) - $55

Short films of any genre, under 20 minutes, created all around the world, with a theme or story related to human rights (minorities, LGBT communities) or created by women filmmakers.

Best Short Film Made by Children - $55

Short films of any genre, under 20 minutes, created all around the world, by children under 18 y.o.

Best 1 Minute Film - $55

Short films of any genre, having the length of under or exactly 1 minute.


Short Film Breaks Winners
2016 2017

Best International Short Film

ÁRTÚN (Iceland)

written and directed by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson

Audience Award

NADA S.A. (Spain)

written and directed by Caye Casas and Albert Pintó


writtend and directed by Julien Paolini

Best Romanian Short Film


written and directed by Bogdan Muresanu

Winners will be announced in late September


Submit to Short Film Breaks

This year, we've made it easy for you. We're on all important platforms, to make it easiest for you to send your films to us. Can't wait to watch your works of art! Good luck!

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Short Film Breaks Locations

We started with Short Film Breaks screenings in Ipsos, back in 2013, for the 1000+ employees in Bucharest and Brasov, but the SFB Elephant is gaining ground every year!

SFB @ Ipsos

Our first and main partner, Ipsos has been playground for the baby Elephant. Every year the festival evolved, gaining more fans and momentum. If you're an Ipsos employee, on the Ipsos network, click here to watch the Short Film Breaks films of the year.

SFB @ i-Say

In 2017, we added an online festival, i-Say Short Film Breaks, to the competition and partnerships with Next IFF, Alter-Native and Onion Films. The i-Say website and the i-Say Facebook page are the only places where you can watch these films online.

SFB @ Zitec

Following an interview we offered to iQads, we were contacted by the people of Zitec. The SFB Elephant moved fast and created the second SFB hub in Bucharest, at Zitec. If you're a Zitec employee, on the Zitec network, click here to watch the Short Film Breaks films of the year.

SFB @ Indonesia

In Indonesia, we are developing the concept in Flores Island (East Nusa Tenggara), aiming to partner with both libraries and pubs in Labuan Bajo and Moni, for exposing the locals and travelers to short movies. Our main partner in Indonesia is Indonesia EduCaB.

SFB @ Shorts at Heights

On July 22nd, 2017, we've launched 'Shorts at Heights' project, aiming to screen SFB movies on all peaks over 2500 m altitude in the Romanian Carpathians. We've started with the highest one, Moldoveanu, 2544, and the third highest, Vistea Mare. Stay tuned for more.


In January 2017 we've screened SFB movies for the employees of ProTv, the most important and oldest private national television in Romania. The project was pilot, aiming to test the concept outside Ipsos. We fine tuned the flow before scaling up the concept in other private companies.

SFB @ Ubis Club

Ubis Club joined the SFB mania on September 19th 2017, with screenings in both Bucharest and Iasi!

SFB @ J'ai Bistrot

Because we wanted to take employees even farther away from their computers and extend the smart breaks, in 2016 we decided to hold a full evening of SFB screenings in the J'ai Bistrot garden. The event was a huge success, so on September 14th 2017 we held the second edition. Same amazing location, new fabulous Short Film Breaks films. The White Night is also the only place in Romania where we open our screenings to anyone interested.

SFB @ Kathmandu

In January 2017, we’ve initiated Kathmandu Short Film Breaks Festival, a two days event that will have a yearly recurrency, aiming to bring together filmmakers from Nepal and abroad. The event creates the framework and main engine for starting to screen short-movies in small communities via libraries, in a partnership with Nepal EduCaB.


NexT International Film Festival Alter-Native On!on Films Everest Film Academy

Contact us

Contact Short Film Breaks

Any questions you might have, about the festival, the films, locations or screenings, drop us a line below, or as a Facebook message on our Facebook page, and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Our email address is ask@shortfilmbreaks.com

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